8 Stereotypical Thoughts That Make Her A Bitch

Being a girl is not at all easy, as it seems. The daily struggles and comments will hit you hard. People will always tell you, how to behave, what to do and who to be. We live in a society, where people will always judge you for being YOU and apparently, you will be tagged as a so called bitch. People talk, or rather gossip, behind your back but act as a long lost friend in person. Such hypocrites!


If a girl hangs out with a lot of guy friends, then people consider her to be a cheap BITCH! Like seriously? She ain't offering them anything, then how can people conclude that she is a shameless girl, just from a casual hangout?


If a girl speaks out her opinion in public, people do say "Such a BITCH she is!"
I mean WHY? People do have their own opinion and it is completely fine to put up their own thoughts. Nobody has that right to comment, just because she is bold and impulsive.


If a girl flirts, then she is a bitch. If a girl says 'no', even then she is termed as a BITCH! Like WTF! What do people exactly want us to do? It is on us, whether we want to be with someone or not. Just because we are friendly, it doesn't mean that you can impose yourselves upon us. 'NO' means 'NO'.

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