8 Things 90’s Kid Will Surely Relate to

Everything was simple back then, with no smart phones or Netflix. Times when we met people in real, not on facebook. When we used to sleep on sofa watching cartoons and would magically wake up on bed. 90’s days had its own charm which is lost now. Simplicity, innocence and happiness were the real essence of those days.

These 8 pictures will make you nostalgic for sure !

#2 Landline and Cassette struggle

We cannot imagine life without mobile phones today. Back then there used to be a landline, that too with a lock keypad of its own kind!
You are a true 90's kid if you remember the unique relationship between a cassette and pencil

#3 Reel cameras

Remember when taking pictures was simple, no filters or apps required, but just a smile!

#4 When smoking was fun!

Well, these is no description needed. We all have our own set of memories attached with sweet cigarettes, boomer, polo and pepsi.

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