8 Ways To Live The Hygge Life

Pronounced as “hue-guh”, it is a Danish word which is now a trending lifestyle. Before you get all crazy and curious, let me tell you, it is a way to describe the way the Danes like to live their lives and could probably be the secret behind Denmark being one of the happiest countries in the world. Hygge life means creating intimacy, that is, do everything you would do normally but make it a lot soulful and to be honest, it somewhat looks like a girl’s dream Tumblr life. So, it involves cooking comfort food with love, really talking to your loved ones instead of just making conversation and all that movie like dreamy things. Scroll below to learn all the ways you can live that cozy mindful life.

#2 Light Yourself Some Candles

Just the warm glow of the fire will set the mood for your hygge evening. Light candles throughout your house and you'll end up with a yummy smelling house which is super cozy as well. The tone of your habitat is now set for you to live much more mindfully.

#3 Live I n Sweatpants

Living in sweatpants or something really comfortable is a task that this lifestyle demands you to do. Tell me you're already loving this.

#4 Treat Yourself Some Yummy Looking Snack

Sure, going somewhere fancy where candles are lit, music is soothing and you enjoy every bite of the food is really nice but the act of cooking/ baking something with love and eating that is just an art that can only be enjoyed if tried. So, put on your chef's hat on and invest some of your time and a lot of your love in cooking up something warm and comforting.

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