9 Reasons Why Being Single Sucks

No matter how many times you say that you are happy being single but at the end of your day, you always need someone. Someone to share your feelings with, someone to talk to and someone to hold on to. Being single absolutely sucks! Yes, you don’t have to deal with the drama, your weekends are also free and wide open, you can do whatever you want to but there comes the sad part: LONELINESS. You have to spend your time alone. There are a lot of things that just sucks when you are single


You have to admit that there is a hell lot of difference between being single and being in a relationship. Now, being in a relationship means setting out with your partner like walking on the beach and drinking wine in a romantic dinner. But being single means there is no-one to feed you your favorite cake or to drink wine with. SAD!


No-one really cares to check if you are sick or dead. When you’re in a relationship, your boyfriend might make soup for you on your sick days, give you a head massage and would stand by you. But being single is actually depressing.


There’s an absence of passion in your life. Your life's graph generally leads to a downfall, a downfall of emotions.Things are just remarkably dull. A relationship makes things exciting. It’s like super fun when you are with someone and a new day with new experiences.


If you are not a working women then your life will definitely turn into a house of boredom because there is no-one to make exciting plans with and nothing to do. Yes, you can party with your friends but even they have their own life. At the end, coffee and sad songs are your only partner to spend time with.

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