9 Surprisingly Sexy Date Ideas

Feeling special is one of the best feelings in this world.It is not an easy job to plan a night of surprise for your partner. Everything seems done and posted online by the couple next door.Dates are when you set time aside to get lost in each other. Nothing else matters at that point. Unfortunately you might not be able to do such a thing everyday, but making that one day count is what I`m talking about.

Don’t fret, I have 9 date ideas to make your partner fall in love with you all over again or fall in love with you for the first time.



Street food + the stars + the one you love. All on foot. What could possibly be sexier than that? You eat some candy and trace memories you have created so far. Better yet, go to a street where not only food but there are little shops too. They aren’t that hard to find. Take a break for the mall you visit on weekends and the branded stores you shop at.
At the end of the night, walk her to the door and kiss her goodnight.


A music concert like Justin Bieber or Coldplay might sound appealing but if you want to make it romantic take your partner to a musical night. Jazz, violin or anything classical. Even if you both are not huge fans of this kind of music, try something different together. If you hate it, you can hate it together but if you love it , it is just another successful date.


Plan a dinner date at a good restaurant where you can talk and laugh. Go someplace where live music is played. Request or dedicate a song to your partner and take them by surprise.
You could also plan a bon fire with the family. It proves that family time is as important to you as alone time.


Go outside of town. Get some takeaway or after a quick stop at the McDonald’s Drivethru, step on the gas and hit the highway. Listen to your favorite songs as the breeze ruffles your hair and breathes life into you again. Sing a long and let the universe work it’s magic.

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