9 Things Guys Do That Turn Girls On

When it comes to figuring out what turns on a girl it can be like looking for hidden treasures. There are so many girls out there with different desires, fantasies and needs. There are obvious ways to turn a girl on like foreplay but there are certain non-sexual gestures, too, that drive a girl crazy and give her an adrenaline rush. Let’s talk about the secret turn ons.


If a girl notices the guy bragging about her to her friends, or family or complimenting her it means an immediate turn on. Guys should never miss the chance of giving their girl the spotlight. Girls do like to be appreciated and when guys do it in-front of others, it's even better.


Sometimes simple things can turn a girl on, as in an intense eye contact in a crowded room always works. Not only eye contact, but holding hands under table can also lead to hormonal rush. These little intimate moments shows how the guy feels.


Watching a guy sweat can be a major turn on for girls.It does not have to be from playing sports or lifting up the loads in gym. A guy with a sweaty body, stretching his arms is a treat to the eyes.

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