9 Warning Signs That Your Anxiety Is Getting Worse

Occasional nervousness or anxiety is an ordinary part of life. You may feel restless when confronted with an issue at work, before taking a test, or settling on an imperative choice. But if a person’s anxiety is worsening, it involves something more than temporary fear or worries. Anxiety can change in severity, just like any mental illness or medical condition. So here are some signs which indicate that your anxiety could be getting worse.

#2 You are not getting a good sleep

You might find some trouble in sleeping. It is normal if this happens for a day or two. But if constantly you are not being able to get a good sleep and you are having sleepless nights, then it is a clear indication that you are under some kind of anxiety and it is definitely worsening.

#3 You are worrying over little things

You start worrying even over those little things which hardly mattered to you before. You might realize that you don't have to worry about such small things, but, you will find difficulty in controlling the worry.

#4 You get easily irritated

You have developed a temper and now get easily irritated by extremely small things. When you are under anxiety, your brain will tend to run out of patience making you exasperate and infuriated.

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