9 Weird Things Every Girl Does In The Washroom

There is a whole lot of weird things that girls do when alone in the washroom. If you’ve ever taken a bathroom break at work just so you could have five minutes to sit alone somewhere quiet, or you have a habit of checking out your own ass every time you find yourself alone in front of the washroom mirror, or you’ have to give yourself the washroom mirror pep-talk, then washroom is the best place to do such things. Listed below are few things that you might not have even thought about.


Checking body odor by smelling their own underarms is the gross thing that girls do in washrooms. Not only underarms, they even check their own smell.


Every girl out there does this regularly. They make funny, weird faces in-front of their washroom mirror and experiment stupidly with their hair making them to look like a clown. Not only funny faces, they also check their nose pores, teeth and what not.


Women are so conditioned to obsess over their appearance that it's really not surprising how much they check out their own butts when no one's watching. They find it to be a positive action, complementing their body structure and appreciating their butts.

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