A Complete Guide On Things You Should Never Say To A Woman On Her Period

Amidst a whole flurry of hormones, a girl has to deal with all your silly opinions and sympathy. None of it is needed, and we mean it. Stop making things difficult for us, if you can’t help us. Chances are you might pray for your survival after that. You’ve been warned.

Scroll down for things you should never ever say to a girl on her period.

#2 Are you alright?

You are calling your own destruction. Also, don't ask me time and again I might as well cry.

#3 I heard exercise is good for cramps

No uterus, no opinion. PERIOD.

#4 Let’s do something fun, it’ll make you feel better.

Shutting that mouth of yours will definitely make me feel better. You annoy me right now.

#5 Does it hurt when it bleeds?

It hurts like hell, my friend. Be thankful you don't.

#6 Is that why you have been so moody?

Do you have a problem with that? The heart wants what it wants.

#7 Are you going to eat all that?

Well, yes and you too. You'll be my next snack.

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