Annoying Little Things Every Indian Girl Is Tired Of Hearing

Right from our childhood to our adolescence, our every word, every action, is scrutinized and judged. We girls, instead of being motivated have always been judged for our actions and subjected to all sorts of random things during different stages of our lives. Being an Indian girl, we have always had to listen to the saintly pieces of advice and sometimes even sarcastic comments of parents, relatives even to the neighborhood aunties. So here is a list of some of the few annoying little things every Indian girl is tired of hearing.

#2 ‘Your bra strap is showing’

Even a tiny hint of the bra strap getting visible from our skin makes people start commenting, "You don't know how to dress up properly!". Hold on people, it's just a strap. Why always does the society keep on sexualizing a piece of cloth? Moreover, we spend a good amount of money on that piece of cloth you always have your eyes on and thus, we have every reason to flaunt it.

#3 ‘When are you getting married?’

Once you enter into your twenties, this is the most annoying and common question you will keep on hearing every now and then. It seems that suddenly the whole society develops concern about your marriage and it pisses you off like anything and you can't even answer back because that again is not a very 'polite' thing to do.

#4 ‘Don’t talk or laugh loudly’

This is another question which completely baffles our minds. Okay, so why mustn't we talk or loudly? Just because I am a girl, I cannot be loud? What kind of a baseless logic is this? It is our voice and we can be as loud and bold as we want.

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