Beauty Hacks That Prove The Kardashians Are The Queens Of Glam

The Kardashians are undeniably ruling over the world of beauty and fashion. They are reigning the glam world. Their smooth and blemish -free skin leaves us all wondering about the secrets to their flawless looks. Each of them has an unusual yet amazing beauty trick that they swear by. The road to their splendid beauty isn’t as easy as it may seem, they have to go through multiple treatments and also follow a strict multi-step skin routine. But, opting for a few of their beauty secrets won’t harm at all, right? We might as well live our dreams of looking as flawless as them.

Here are a few tricks in which The Kardashians have spilt the beans to their mesmerising beauty.

#2 Contour like Kim

Kim Kardashian is without any doubts the “contour queen”. Contour is the secret to her “no makeup” look. Contouring enhances the essential parts of the face, highlights the jawline, redefines your hairline, creates an illusion of a perfect nose. It highlights just the right features of the face. And as it is believed to be, Contouring is not rocket science. Just a bit of practice and knowledge will help you achieve the ultimate makeup goals.

#3 Apple Cider Vinegar For Shiny hair

Kourtney Kardashian swears by apple cider vinegar for achieving shiny, healthy hair. Drinking a couple of tablespoons of this with a glass of water twice a day does the job. Also using it as a shampoo to clean your hair balances the pH out and leaves you with shiny and healthy hair.

#4 Vitamin E for longer lashes

Khloe Kardashian has the dreamy lashes that most of us long for! But that is not something she was born with. She applies Vitamin-E to her lashes each night to elongate them and make them look fuller. Not a very difficult task for pretty lashes, right?

#5 Conceal your way to glamorous make-up

Kylie Jenner likes to use concealer for her perfect makeup look, she uses concealer for everything from lashes to lips. Applying concealer to lashes before mascara adds a significant volume to them and makes them look fuller. Also, covering your lips with concealer before lipstick, makes your lip colour to last longer.

#6 Bronzer for natural eyes

Kendall Jenner uses goes for a bronzer to get a natural day look. She also uses the product as her eyeshadow to achieve her toned-down day look. Less is more, is quite visible with Kendall’s looks and she slays them like a pro.

#7 Nude for the lip

There are rarely any days when Kris is not in her classic Nude Lip look. This look seems to work well for her. This might work for everyone else as well. All you need to do is find the perfect shade of nude for you ( KKW collection might just be the right one) and layer it up with a gloss. And this is how you are ready to rock your “no makeup” look.

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