Celeb Couples Who Broke Up Only To Get Back Together

If it’s meant to happen, it will. Regardless of how or when things that are meant to be, just happen. Love is sweeter the second time around, as they say. It might not work out in the beginning but distance makes us realize what our heart really wants. These celebs are proof that no matter that it didn’t work out the first time, it might the second time. And we are all hearts for them.

#2 Gigi and Zayn

They had a brief split after two years of dating but are back together for better. Moreover, we'd miss this power couple if they were not together.

#3 Justin and Hailey

After calling quits to their relationship in 2016, they didn't have any contacts with each other. And now they are happily engaged, it's so amusing how things work out between people, sometimes. As if it were meant to happen in the first place. All the love for these cuties.

#4 Scott and Sofie

Their relationship has been through so many controversies, on and off romance but they beat the odds every time. That's what love is about, right?

#5 Liam and Miley

After breaking their engagement in 2013, Miley was seen sporting the same engagement ring after a span of a few months. They look so perfect together and so-in-love!

#6 Justin Timberlake and Jessica

They had a brief split after spending four years together, shortly after the patch up they got engaged. Now they are parents of a lovely child. Did I mention that he proposed in Montana? So romantic! (*sobs in a corner*)

#7 Kate and William

Their seems-so-perfect marriage hasn't been flawless since the beginning. They split for a short span of time before getting married, only to realise that they are better together. And rest is history.

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