Crazy Stupid Lies Partners Tell Each Other

Make all the promises you want but every couple knows that a little lie won’t hurt once in a while. It might be tough to be truthful all the time, after all it is hard work but in the words of Akshay Kumar in Housefull 2, if a lie helps build a home, is that lie really a lie?

So, if the next time you think lying to your partner about how wonderful his mother is, don’t think twice. It is okay to let that nose grow  a little.

So, here I present the worst but relatable lies ever! :

#1 “Your friends are amazing”

He met your friends, and you met his. Great! Now what?
Feedback time. In a relationship you feel it is expected of you to say you liked his friends the first time you met them. Wait until the fifth time at least to point out the flaws in his circle.

#2 “They checked out the new intern, I looked away.”

You love your partner. Great. But when with your group it is next to impossible to not look when they are looking. You stay true to your love, but you can just appreciate the eye candy from far.

#3 Almost done!

Dinner reservation is at 8 and you open your closet to pick your outfit at 7:59. Dear ladies, it is hard to pick an outfit for a date, so begin early. But every one has definitely used the “need to pee before we leave” excuse when there was a knock on the front door even though the towel clothed body stood staring at the open closet.
Dancing to K-pop probably didn’t let you catch sight of the time.

#4 Better than my Ex? Obviously!

Although, probably not. But you know he will get there. Comparing the past to the future does nobody any good. So just nod and go with it. You can always work on what satisfies you best any time. But when this question hits, just don’t mess up.

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