Dirty Jokes That Were Secretly Hidden In Our Kids’ Cartoons Of Our Youth

This changes EVERYTHING. The nostalgia is gonna get weird because we’ve been getting these jokes wrong all our childhood! All those goody-good cartoons had the hidden gems of dirty or naughty jokes, whatever you’d like to call them.

Scroll down to revisit a few of them.

#2 Dusting for fingertips

Wait. This really happened on a kids show? Oh boy.

#3 The accident

This scene in Powerpuff girls is definitely not for kids, especially for most of us who didn't get this joke back then. And I bet most of us turned to our parents to know what it meant.

#4 No girls, no.

These girls were definitely way too mature for their age. And the confidence with which they speak this line... is comendable. I mean, even majority of adults don't have that kind of confidence. And for the rest of us, guys we didn't even get their dialouges, let alone speaking them.

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