Do You Have The 10 Bags That Every Woman Should Own?

The secret of the most stylish women around the world is not giving in to impulse buys, but rather investing in staples that match their personal aesthetic and are easy to work around for any occasion and look. We love to follow the latest trend about fashion, lifestyle, beauty etc. Handbags are just one of those accessories we love to collect as many as we can. But, wait do you own all these 10 latest handbags?

Read on below and see what’s missing from you wardrobe .

#2 A Structured Black Day Bag

Formals are always classy and never out of trend. Moreover, nothing sends the message that you mean business as much as a structured black tote. It'll be your best companion whether its your meeting room or a lunch post-work.

#3 A Go-To Evening Bag

Fall in love with the perfect evening bag and treasure it forever. It will see you through an endless number of dinner, dancing, and theater dates. It'll uplift your glamour quotient too.

#4 A Neutral Tote

Neutral colors are the most versatile ones you can pick. An easy, minimalist tote will serve as a great hero piece for virtually any outfit that you decide to wear.

#5 A Versatile Day Clutch

You might not think of this style as an absolute necessity, but with fancy weekend events (think: races, brunches, and yacht parties) happening frequently in our region, a day clutch in a lighter color is highly recommended.

#6 Box Clutches

Ball night events might not be the most frequent of occasions, but require an elegant mini-clutch. Make sure to keep one in your closet to avoid any drama before these important occasions.

#7 A Pop-of-Color Piece

Sometimes, all you need is a pop of color – be it to complement a fun weekend activity or perk up a dull day. Pick your favorite hue or one that goes with most of your wardrobe’s contents. Orange, for example, is a surprisingly versatile color.

#8 A Casual Weekend Number

All you need is one easy, casual bag that you can grab for a quick trip down to the shop, a coffee date, or even a road trip. Pick one that is high in quality as you’re guaranteed to get heavy mileage out of it.

#9 A Luxe-Looking Weekender

Those sweet-but-short trips for which taking a massive suitcase would be "slightly "over the top? A roomy and good-quality weekender bag is the solution.

#10 A Chic Piece of Luggage

We all have that one old suitcase that has seen better days. Ladies, it’s time to invest in a piece of luggage that we’re not ashamed to carry around.

#11 A Trendy Backpack

Roomy, pocket-laden packs that double as the nicest luggage you own. They are easy to handle and spacious. For college people, its like their best friend.

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