Gross Signs That Your Relationship Has Hit Its Peak Comfort Level

It is only at the start of our relationships that we are all nice, good-looking and well groomed but as the time passes our real sides begin to unfold. The efforts we put in, to hide all the gross stuff is tremendous. From not getting out of your house without a scent to not breathing around him if you haven’t had a mint. Our looks become so perfect that we forget that all this perfectness wasn’t meant to be this way. But as the time slips and your comfort levels with your partner achieve new levels the truth starts to unveil itself. You become so normal and gross around them that you even forget they are in the same room with you at the first place. But I guess that is what love is all about – admiring each other’s imperfections.

#2 Morning breathe doesn’t gross you out

Remember when you brushed your teeth twice or maybe thrice sometimes when you breathed around your partner? We've all been there. But as the comfort level increases, even the smell of last night's dinner in your partners breathe doesn't gross you out. Well, that's the level of comfort we strive for.

#3 Sickness doesn’t put a stop to your endless cuddlings.

No partner wants to be seen coughing, sweating fever and puking everywhere. But this is where all your love for your partner is tested. If you can't be by her side at her worst, then boy you definitely do not deserve her at her best. She might push you away to avoid the grossness for you but stick around her and make her feel better. Illness should not be a barrier for affection.

#4 Sharing the washroom at the same time

Why let anything get in your convo when one of you gets the nature's call or the other one has to brush their teeth or both of you are late for work. Sharing the same washroom is the ultimate key to all your issues. As gross as it may sound at first, it gets normal with time.

#5 Period talks

Period talk is literally unavoidable once you get into a serious relationship. It affects everything in your body and routine. So it is pretty natural to discuss about it every once in a while or every month (most likely). It is the most natural thing that happens to girls and your man should be comfortable enough to deal with all sorts of problems related to it, if not the grossness.

#6 Pimple poppping

If popping every spot or a pimple or blackhead has become a part of regular grooming sessions, then the love is real my boy. You're not going to find a girl like her, treasure her mate.

#7 Posing weird

Weird and awkward poses become a common thing as your relationship progresses. The demand for dreamy, happy pictures decreases to just happy, in fact very happy pictures. The dreamy factor is fulfilled by the happiness of your partner's eyes.

#8 No shaving

That's what the beauty is in being comfortable together, you don't need to shave. You don't need to be all groomed up and smooth all year. A little body hair doesn't hurt your relationship. Moreover, why put so many unnecessary efforts into something that is gross and painful. Just enjoy the perks of being in a relationship that isn't demanding.

#9 They’re still the coolest human despite their flaws

Getting to the peak comfort level is not just about tolerating the awful extras but finding your partner incredibly sexy despite all the gross things. This is love folks, it knows no conditions and no demands. Love loves you for who you are.

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