10 Signs That Reveal Your Guy Just Wants To Be In Your Pants.

The reason sometimes few relationships don’t work out is that we think that we are having a serious type of relationship but the guy just wants to get in our pants. Many of us get cheated in a relationship because we think that we are having a serious one but the boyfriend just wants you for fulfilling his physical desires. Just when you thought he is your prince charming here to take you away on his majestic horse and ride into the sunset, Surprise!! He was just there to make the most out of your excellent skills on the bed. Here, we will be discussing the signs which will help you discover if your guy is serious with you or just wants physical intimacy in bed.

#2 He doesn’t make you feel special.

You don't feel special when you are with him. You can see a difference in his behavior when he is with his friends and when he is with you. He doesn't make many efforts in making you feel special. If you don't feel you are being treated as a special one by your boyfriend, then it's high time that you realize he is not investing that much in the relationship as you are.

#3 Always demands sex.

Yes, sex is an important part of a relationship but if he keeps demanding for sex all of the time not caring much about your interest, then you should take this sign seriously and understand he is in a relationship just because he wants to get in your pants. When making love you will see an aggression in the voice tone which is not the case when someone is in love.

#4 Not involved in your discussions.

You are having a very deep and serious conversation with him and later you realize that he wasn't even listening to you, imagine how fouled up you will feel. If this happens too often and you find he is not really that interested in your talks, then take the hint. He is there only for his physical desires.

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