How Meghan Markle Has Become The Biggest Fashion Influencer Of The Royal Family

The new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle might have just started with her royal duties, but her non-traditional style of dressing has made a major influence in British fashion and worldwide. She is evidently one of the most prominent people in the world at present. Her fashion choices are extremely influential, well that’s a fact in terms of sale. Whatever she wears or buys has a lasting implication on the brand she chooses. Starting from the dress she chose to wear on her engagement till now, each dress is making roof breaking profits.

#2 Niche brands over well-established brands

She is known to favor the niche brands and is seldom wearing popular, well-established brands.  She prefers homegrown brands over others and this can be evidently seen right from the day, she and Prince Harry announced their engagement. The dress she wore that day sold like crazy and was from a small label.

#3 Unique Dressing Style

She is known for her untraditional yet elegant fashion choices. Her dressing sense resonates with the youth. So many are taking note of her infallible and effortless style.

#4 Meghan Effect

Whatever the Duchess wears sells like crazy. Be it a coat she's wearing, it will go online and sell out within a few hours. Whichever site you go to, you might come across which and which brand's shoes she wore or whatever accessory she wore. Her influence is increasing exponentially.

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