How To Actually Tell If You Should Break Up Or Not

Breaking-up can be very hard but hanging on to a toxic relationship silently can be even more agonising. Shouldn’t the fact that you no longer want to be with someone be very obvious? Convincing yourself to hang on even when you’re unhappy is nothing less than self-destruction. The most important thing is when to walk away and when to hang on. It is definitely not the easiest thing to do but cheating yourself out of happiness is even worse.

#2 You’d rather hang out with your friends rather than your better half

If you are constantly filling in your free hours by hanging out with friends rather than meeting your partner, it is a clear sign that you don't feel the need or don't want to fix your relationship. If hanging out friends is much more fun than with your partner than it might be a wake-up call that you are no longer feeling this relationship.

But if it's just that you've been lately missing your friends a lot and missing all your fun times together while having settled in your relationship that it might just be memory flashbacks or your need to be social again. This doesn't mean that you love your partner any less or vice-versa.

#3 You feel bored in the relationship

If you feel unsatisfied and bored regardless of the fact that you and your partner do a lot of cool stuff together. Despite being on fun trips, if you feel disengaged from your partner and feel no awkwardness in thinking about scenarios where you are enjoying life without him, then probably its time to move on. A fresh start may help you get your life back on track.

But if you are just sick of your routine together, with no element of fun then spicing things up is a better option (interesting too) than breaking up. Maybe its the two of you that are bored and not just one. Communication is the key.

#4 You feel cranky around your partner

If you feel the need to scream your heart out when your partner is speaking about something, a boring tale or a lame joke. Then you really need to sit down with your partner and talk genuinely about your relationship.

But if something is bothering you internally, it  maybe an issue that is completely unrelated to your partner then its probably just out of mere frustration. Sometimes we feel comfortable with taking our anger out on people we love rather than those strangers on whom the frustration was meant to be taken out on. Hang on, because generally in these cases that either one is probably lashing out the other person pointlessly.

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