I Am Never Going To Trust Again

The dawn is never going to be the same, I am never going to trust again.

I will wake up before the morning sunshine filters in the room, walk slowly around my room. I will not trust you to be there waiting for me in the kitchen with a hot breakfast.

I will not trust my coffee to wake me up and make me disposed to face the day.

Afternoon is going to be difficult, the sun will try to make me trust the sunshine.

The crowd pushing me around in the street is not going to rattle my decision. I will not trust their happy faces hiding what is actually within.

I will walk back to my office with an untrustworthy smile and the moment I am alone I will cry.

The evenings are going to be ignorant, I will still not start trusting.

The people in the office will tell me to move on and I will not trust them again. I will not trust the flowers they offer me.

Then I will take a cab back to my house because I will not trust my traitorous shadow to guide me to the morgue you rest in.

The nights will be the most shameless, when I will not trust my ragged breathing.

Those wicked pressures working, trying to rip my rib cage one by one. I will not trust my hands to dial the number that does not exist anymore, never will.

I will not trust my ears when I will hear those sweet whispers as the wind passes by. And most of all I will not trust my eyes when they start to weep, that you are gone.

And when the dusk hits the night window and the sky outside gets as dark as it can get, not even those deceitful stars, remember not to trust me because as the darkest night start to lighten up, I will fade away because all shall fade into the black nothingness and I will fade into YOU.

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