Kardashian Memes That Are Super-Relatable

It’s time to give the due credit to the Kardashians for being an unlimited source of entertainment. Their meme-able moments are probably their biggest contribution. Most of their memes (I would say all) are so relatable and hysterical. From their over-dramatic reactions to some genuine ones, all of them have won our hearts.

#2 Me being ignored after 19 years of ignoring everyone

No boy, you aren't going on the right path. Come back and shove all your attention on your girl right here.

#3 Me when I realize I’m dating the ugliest one on the group

You gotta be a strong girl. One day the prettiest boy will come and marry you.

#4 When I realize the damage has already been done and there is no going back

Everytime mate, every time.

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