Mark Your Calendars For These Upcoming Superhero Movies If You’re A Marvel/DC Fan

Are you a true MCU/DC fan? Have you been a follower of the movies as well as comics, so much that you fight as to which one is better? But somehow have not been much updated lately and have lost the track of the upcoming movies, then here we are with the list of the much awaited superhero movies in order.

TBH, there is no competition to the heroes of marvel and at the same time the DC villains are just unbeatable. But if you’re still in the turmoil of which universe is the best then the correct way is to watch both of them because only then can you compare. So mark your calendars as this list has a compilation of the both.

#2 Venom

Release Date: 5 October 2018

Though the movie is not produced by the many MCU producers but definitely comes under the marvel universe and reserved by the Sony Production. If you have been a Spidy fan then you must be aware of who this character is. What the most interesting fact about this movie is that, its the first marvel movie based on an evil character. Unlike DC, Marvel has always been focused on having stronger and supposedly unbeatable superheroes, so having a completely villain-centric film is something new. But what might be a back drop for the movie is that we are still very unsure if we'll see our new spider-man in this movie.

#3 AquaMan

Release Date: 14 December 2018

Though it may seem as DC has lacked in terms of producing good superheroes instead of the fact that their comics are filled with a number of strong characters apart from Superman and Batman, but lets be honest they were our first love and the movies that actually drew us to superhero universe. But, as its said its never too late, DC is all packed with a good amount of both heroes and villains to be introduced in the coming time. And if we see closely, they have chosen a great time to do so, introducing characters like Aquaman when we all know that MCU is possibly going to lose its main Heroes due to the ending contract, DC might catch a hike.

#4 Dark Phoenix

Release Date: 14 February 2019

Let me clear a thing first, a confusion most of the people have, X-Men series is not a part of the Avengers but is definitely a part of Marvel, often considered a totally different part of Marvel. Now, X-Men can be confusing i you don't follow it from the very beginning as it constantly skips from past to future, but if you're a fan of Xavier and his school for mutants then you are very well aware of Phoenix and her powers, she was one of the first mutant e were introduced to. Though very little information is provided to us til now but keep up the hopes because it promises to star are favourites like Xavier, Magneto and the Mystique.

#5 Captain Marvel

Release Date: 8 March 2019

There is no doubt that Marvel has shown a lot of strong women characters, especially Black Panther, but lets admit, MCU too is very biased. But finally, it is releasing its first solo female movie with the name Marvel as if representing the entire universe through her. But what's exciting is that i is stirring quite a bit of anticipation in fans for the possibility o Black Widow Movie as well. With most of the heroes retiring soon, is it possible that Marvel can be ruled by women?

#6 Shazam

Release Date: 5 April 2019

Another Captain Marvel, but so that you don't get confused, lets just stick to Shazam. Its funny how he always reminded e of Shaktiman (please don't kill me XD). Well, he is a completely new character in the DC extended universe and though i have a lot of spoilers, i don't want you to know them and lose the interest. So lets just keep it a secret and let your excitement built, because it is going to be aka-awesome.

#7 The Untitled Avengers 4

Release Date: 3 May 2019

There is a speculation on the title leak which I personally, totally deny could be real as its to boring (Avenger: Infinity War Part II). Also everyday there is a new spoiler that is just brought into your notice, tempting you to read it. But, my dear friends please try to avoid them as much as you want as you don't want to ruin the fun, after all it is the possible end of few of our favourite characters like, Captain America, Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor and even Hawkeye, no don't blame me, its not a spoiler, it is the news as these actors are completing their contacts and their isn't much of a news of them thinking of rejoining. Chris Evans said, its better to walk out before you're no longer wanted, so you know.

#8 Spider Man: Far from Home

Release Date: 5 July 2019

Now that Marvel has finally got the rights of Spider Man back and also e has become a part of Avengers, he is seen as the supposed next superhero to lead the team. The first part brought n a lot of twists, from Peter not being into Mary Jane and his Aunt being super hot, we can definitely see more new twists to the plot. Still hoping to see him fight Venom though.

#9 The New Mutants

Release Date: 2 August 2019

With Logan being the end of the earlier Mutant team, which showed a brutal end to Professor X and ending to the death of Wolverine as well, can we hope for the new mutants to fit in the shoes of the earlier instalments? Well the trailer is pretty awesome and the children introduced in Logan all had cool and interesting powers, lets hope this movie meets the expectation and we find a whole new set of mutants amusing.

#10 Wonder Woman 1984

Release Date: 1 November 2019

This is how DC totally shook the world and obviously MCU. They brought a really strong female character gave her, her own space in the cinematic world. The first part was so power-struck that it left its audience to beg for more and while MCU is preparing to launch its first solo female movie, DC is ready with another. The choice of taking Gal Gadot in it self is a win-win situation.

#11 Suicide Squad 2

For me it was the best movie of the year, couldn't help myself but watch this movie on repeat and songs were just breathtaking. Though noting is yet out instead of a few posters and the confirmation of the film, not even the release date. So we all need to just keep ourselves busy and wait or it to be out.

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