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11 Life Changing Beauty Tips Supermodels Swear By

What is this supermodel beauty coming from? Bring that glow here guys, we need the magic badly! Even a glow half as that of a supermodel can do miracles on our stressed-acne prone-dull skin. We’ve got your backs for that. Scroll down for the tips and tricks these supermodels have revealed over the years to […] More

6 Hollywood Couples Who Prove Opposites Attract

People in the real world think of the phrase- “opposites attract” to be some kind of joke and a thing of fiction. This does happen in movies but in real life, I’m not quite sure and neither is today’s generation (well, most of them). They don’t believe it to be true in their real life. […] More

7 Worst Things You Do To Your Skin, Ranked From Bad To Sin Level

One thing that most of us don’t realise is that we are damaging our own skin in every tiny bit of way, by our actions and habits. Even a small mending of action can help in making your skin look better. From stopping to eat those pretty doughnuts to not staring your phone and laptop […] More

15 Looks You Can’t Miss From The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards are a perfect blend of music and fashion. It is one of the most looked up events fashion wise (well, had to be music). From dramatic to heart-throbbing, the VMAs have got it all. Scroll down for some looks from VMAs that you can’t miss. More

8 Habits That Can Change Your Life For The Better

Accept the fact, that all of us at some point in time (or always) feel stuck in life, not exactly in situations but in the way we are living it. There remains a constant urge for something new, something interesting, something that keeps us going. A minor modification in life sometimes makes us feel a […] More

7 Typical Period Related Myths We All Have Fallen For

Periods have so many myths related to it that we can now hardly make people realise all the facts. Indian especially are so obsessed with these myths, that facts hardly make any influence over them. Discrimination against women in their menstruation is not something new, from isolating to torturing them, we do our best to […] More

5 Most Eccentric Outfits Worn By Bollywood Stars

When it comes to Bollywood dressing, some outfits turn out to be real fashion hits while others give eyesores. New silhouettes and unconventional styles have become a part of dressing styles of our Bollywood stars. What every star pulls out of there closets, is the main talk of the B-town these days. Pulling off the […] More

10 Mighty Facts About Love And Relationship No One Likes To Agree Upon

Relationships are no longer the fairytales that we’d expect to be. The modern day dating scenes make relationships one hell of a roller coaster ride. From the sweet beginnings to harsh endings, dating has made us more cautious of ourselves than we ever were. Unlike movies, the real-life dating is not as easy as it […] More

Things Every Girl Wishes She Could Share With Her Mother

Every girl has a very special bond with her mother, from parenthood to a friend, every girl shares an unavowed relationship with her mother. With this, also comes the highs and lows of every relationship, and the one with your mother is no exception. Every girl can relate to this. We all have arguments with […] More