Mirror Mirror On The Wall Can You See Me Broken At All

Do you remember the last time you saw the mirror and thought about the person staring back at you?

Did you notice all the flaws she has and yet how beautiful she was? Or the numerous efforts she had been putting up in order to impress others?

Did you find a passion blazing in her eyes, those deep orbs that are the portal to her soul?

Did you see the struggle of her mind and dismal of her heart?

Did you look at her and see the shivering lips that are asked to speak less every time she opens them? Or the amount of difficulty she has to breathe in all the lies around her like white smoke, choking her from within?

Maybe you did not even look at her, you did not want to. You were scared to look at her and tell her that you failed her. Tell her that the pain inside was all your doing. The words left unspoken were meant to protect her but in the end, they haunted her.

The blaze of her eyes tells you that she is not dead but captured and yet you do not want to let her out. The broken promises and the betrayals have made scars all over her heart and no one is around to succour her.

The white smoke in her lungs is because of your blind trust on people. And her stitched lips are because of that society that you live in and want to adjust so badly in.

Your insecurities, your wish to montage your life in a beautiful movie just like the others made her colorful mind devoid of the colors.

But remember she is not weak, she will still be there for you when you fall once, twice or 100th time. She does not like the way you are masking her but she will not complain. She will be alone when you do not talk to her and yet forgive you the moment you want to hear her.

And someday when you look deep enough in the mirror on your wall you will see her scuffle with all your insecurities with grace. She might be fragile but she would not complain or break. The world might say that no one but family stands by your side, just tell them they are wrong, cause

No one but YOU stands by your side or rather in you.

And if you have a doubt in mind, go to the mirror and ask her yourself.

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