Pair Of Shoes Every Girl Must Have In Her Wardrobe

Shoes are probably the biggest obsession of every girl. All of us have our unique style when it comes to footwear. Having a variety of these shoes will ensure that there is never an occasion where you don’t have the right thing to wear on your feet. Some of these pairs are timeless and worth spending money on. Investing in a classic pair of high heels is going to pay off because you’ll have those same shoes for many years.

Once you invest in those wardrobe staples, getting dressed becomes a lot handier. You’ll walk around with the confidence that you’ll look good no matter what kind of situation pops up that needs your attention. Silhouettes and color schemes change from season to season, but these a pair of classic shoes will never go out of style. Everything from attention-grabbing heels to your favorite pair of sneakers will always remain in trend.

Here are a few shoes every girl must have.

#2 The classic black pumps

This is that one item that actually puts itself at the top of all shoe. Be it of any style or color, you need to grab one for yourself. Get your heels with suitable height according to your comfort. Pumps work like magic! You can never go wrong with a classic pair of black pumps! Invest in a good quality pair and have them in your closet for many years to come! These shoes look great with everything and will take you from the office to your night out.
The pairing of heels with any outfit will pull your whole look together, and adds a chic vibe for the plus!

#3 The ankle boots

Ankle length boots go well with so many outfits. These add drama and fun to your look, and are super-comfy too! These are not just meant to be worn in winters, one can wear them all year round and give that outfit a stylish edge! Ankle boots with a short heel are a must-have go-to shoe. They can be worn during literally any season, making them super versatile and wearable.
Weather-appropriate boots vary for each one of us, depending on where you live.
There are so many really cute styles out there! It's so important to have a pair of great winter boots in your closet. Find a pair that like this one that is waterproof, has a good grip on the bottom, and also has some style to it. They look chic and feel comfortable.

#4 Wedges

Wedges are perfect for summers and give you all the fashion points without going through the struggles of a stiletto. These are great for your busy days. Wedges look good with everything from flirty skirts during the day to sexy dresses at night! Wedges are a girl’s best friend in the heels spectrum! It’s almost like wearing flats but with increased height. Having a basic pair of wedges will you help you add dimension to your shoe closet. They are without a doubt, a wardrobe must-have.

#5 Statement Heels

Wear your statement heels whenever you want to throw a bit of shade with your look. Statement heels can be anything and everything and should be tailored to your style. A good pair of statement heels can get the best out of your outfit. Throw your statement heels on, and rock them with confidence! A pair of metallic stilettos is everything that you need to get ready for an outing! Animal printed heels, pop-coloured heels, metallic shoes - these are some of the options you have! Experiment with something that goes well with your style and let the shoes do all the talking!

#6 The comfy casual sneakers

These are the ones you want to reach out when you need comfort. Instead of making it boring, get these printed kicks and you are going to look stylish but with an undertone of being laid back! These bright colored shoes are so happy, we definitely want to get a few of these! You can also opt for one with laces and tie-ups! The casual sneaker is the that will match whatever you have on at the moment. When styled the right way, the right sneakers can be worn with all your weekend essentials, from shorts and jeans to maxi dresses.

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