What Does The Shape Of Your Lips Tells About You

The face is the first thing that people notice when they first see us. By looking at the expressions and facial features one can easily guess what sort of mood a person is in. And when we talk about our lips, it conveys much more than we think. According to the scientists and physiognomists, the shape of a person’s lips plays an important role in determining his/her personality. It is our lips using which we express our thoughts and feelings thus revealing our personality. So let us look at the common shapes of lips and the different personality traits that come with them.

#2 Large Puffy Lips.

Persons having large puffy lips are the ones who truly value relationships. They have a giving nature and will always think about others before thinking about themselves. They are strong and love helping others, be it an animal or a fellow human being. People having large puffy lips become good parents.

#3 Upper Lip Bigger Than The Lower Lips.

A person having the upper lip bigger and fuller than the lower lip loves simplicity. They are simple, emotional and charming people who love drawing people's attention towards themselves. Such people can be sarcastic at times and are also known to possess a 'drama queen' nature. The bigger the upper lips, the more they welcome drama.

#4 Lower Lip Bigger Than The Upper Lips.

Persons having lower lip bigger than the upper lip are someone who really wants to enjoy life. They are not someone who is meant just to do the simple office work. These people are an explorer, a traveller by nature. They are high spirited people full of life. These sort of individuals are open to everything new and are also pleasure seekers.

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