Signs You Are The Ultimate Grammar Nazi

Even if you’re not a English major some of us really love English as a language and hate it when people destroy it. Be it misspelled words or wrong usage it just kills you from within. So if you cringe every time someone replaces ‘you’re’ with ‘your’ this is the article for you.


#1 You refuse to use SMS lingo

You just cannot stand when people use ‘U’ and ‘R’. How much time does it take to write the whole word??? You prefer staying alone than having friends who do this.

#2 The Sound of Double Negative makes you cringe

Guys! You don’t use double negative in the same sentence. They cancel each other out. You absolutely don’t know how to react when people do that.

#3 You Proofread every Social Media post

You even proofread your social media posts at least two to three times. You just can’t stand having any grammatical mistakes in your own post.

#4 You have Word games in your phone

You have at least two word games in your phone to increase your vocabulary. They are your go to option when you are bored.

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