Struggles Of Being The Only Single One In Your Friend Circle

Yes, you are independent, strong and happy without love, yet, sometimes being the only single one in your friend circle makes things miserable. Sometimes, it can be really depressing, seeing your friends hang out and have fun with their partners, while you just sit in the corner of some booth. Here are some struggles all of us know to be true if at some or the other point you have been the only single one in your friend circle.

#2 You are always the ‘odd one out’

Whenever you hang out with your committed friends, you become the odd one out because the club you are planning to visit doesn't allow a stag entry. Even if you manage to enter some club, you just pull a chair and sit in the corner because everyone is so busy with their partners.

#3 The constant ‘Why still single!’ comment

Since everyone in your group is now committed and you are the only non committed one, you constantly face the sarcasm and comments from people that how can you possibly not find

someone for yourself.

#4 Forced Set Ups

Your committed friends feel it is their sole responsibility to get you committed to someone, so every now and then they are setting you up with some or the other guy. Someone please tell them, you're single, not desperate.

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