When Teenage And Depression Becomes Synonymous To You

Teenage is the most confusing part of a girl’s life. Your mind and body both go through some drastic and weird changes; you grow breasts, pubic hair, learn the term sexuality and obviously experiences your first menstrual cycle! Also, apart from all these physical changes your mind starts to develop as well. Teenage is considered to be the most crucial time to the mental and emotional development of an individual. But it is also the time when many teens find themselves in the clutches of depression. Here are some symptoms that you need to look for:

#1 When You Feel Empty Inside

One of the major symptoms of depression is the feeling of emptiness that will begin to surround you. You will feel the presence of sadness and anxiousness constantly nagging at the back of your mind. You will loose you aim and even the purpose to get up for the next day! This is the indication of the fast approaching depression.

#2 When You Are Always Irritated And Uncooperative

Even the smallest of things, will start to irritate you. Going to school, eating your meal, interacting with the family will become nothing more than unwanted chores to you. You will start to develop an uncooperative attitude towards anything that may not go your way.

#3 When You Feel Unworthy And Indecisive

Be it grades, be it love of the family and friends or be it the physical appearance, you will develop a feeling of worthlessness towards everything in your life to the point you may even consider death. This may lead to a drop in your grades, loss of interest in hobbies and life in general.

#4 When You Lose Interest In Food Or Start Compulsive Over Eating

With depression come two things, either you may completely lose interest in food leading to excessive weight loss or to fill the emptiness inside you, you may eat a lot leading to unnatural weight gain. Both of which are dangerous for your health in the long run.

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