All The Women Who Fought The Long Battle Against Section 377

Love is Love, Love is irrational and knows no bounds. Article Section 377 is one such milestone that India has achieved. This is not a step of inclination towards the west but a step towards “independent India”. Independent in thought, independent in actions, independent in finding one’s own love. We have finally broken the shackles, the society ties us down, the rainbow is the color paint itself in, for the true celebration of love. This is the true awakening of us Indian to a new era of freedom. But it all didn’t happen in a day. It takes long years of a battle of people fighting for their rights, and to be not considered a criminal for loving the person of the same gender. But there was certain women who had a significant role in this battle and had a very significant impact throughout this journey.

Here are some of the women activists that fought this long battle against section 377.

#2 Menaka Guruswamy

This Rhodes scholar was the only woman in a team of men fighting against Section 377. Her words were forever etched in our hearts when she said "How strongly must we love knowing we are unconvicted felons under Section 377? My Lords, this is love that must be constitutionally recognised and not just sexual acts."

#3 Justice Indu Malhotra

The country got emotional when Justice Indu Malhotra said, " the history owes an apology to the gay community". What a day to be alive it was, everyone cheered in pride to Justice' words.

#4 Akkai Padmashali

This activist was one of the very few who did the best of her efforts to get the transgender rights to everyone's attention. Her struggles in life are heartbreaking but her take on all of them is so motivational. The country owes to people like her. They are the true pride of the nation.

#5 Ritu Dalmia

She did not know how to describe her feeling of being attracted to women at first, but here we are owing the glory of a brighter India to people like Ritu who did their part so well, that we are now free from section 377. You don't have to hide the person you love anymore, she says beaming in happiness.

#6 Anjali Gopalan

Her efforts to normalise homosexuality have been persistent since the beginning, she led a 17-year long fight until the historic judgement was passed.

#7 Ayesha Kapur

Ayesha Kapur, an actor and a businesswoman by profession was one of those who filed a petition to get this landmark judgement. The stigma of the society was not acceptable, not to the rebel she was, she fought to her best capabilities and got her rights recognised along with everyone else in the same fight.

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