These Tips Will Make Your Period Cramp-Free!

Periods are awful and can get horrendous once the cramps starts to break your your body. It slows your work efficiency and often makes you cancel your activities. At the moment your focus shifts to the girl who very proudly says “I never have cramps” and you’re like, “Oh Lord! Am I cursed?”

The answer is no, no girl goes without being a little crampy on these days and neither are you cursed. The fact is there are certain things some girls knowingly or unknowingly do that their bodies adapt in such a manner that they no longer feel the pain. Here are those tips that they are hiding from you.

#2 Drink A Lot Of Water

Water solves mostly all the bodily related problems and also prevents from growing them to severe. It also helps reduce the pain caused during the period. Cramps are nothing but the tension built between the muscles due to which they contract. Regular water intake helps them relax and also helps the toxic that accumulates, like clots to release from your body.

#3 Watch TV

This may sound funny but it is a known fact that when you engage your mind somewhere else, you distract it from the main problem. That is, if you do anything that helps your brain to completely engage in it then you are distracting it from paying attention to the pain and you no longer feel the pain. Believe it or not TV works the best for this.

#4 Yoga

Yoga is yet another way that will definitely end your cramps not just today but for rest of your life. It brings flexibility in your muscles and when done on regular basis you would stop experiencing even the PMS.

#5 Work Out

Just like Yoga, working out also works long term. If you do it on regular basis, then your body gets habitual to deal with the body pains. It can be anything, running, dancing, swimming or even cardio. If you're not a big fan of working out but still want to reduce the pain, then you can look for videos that specifically show excercises for period.

#6 Eat As Much As You Can

Take your periods as a week long vacation or a very long cheat day and treat yourself with food that makes you happy because they work as a stress releaser which usually is caused due the the pain, which people mostly misunderstand as mood swings. Whenever you let your body be hungry during your bleeding period, you let the cramps get angry, so eat and keep yourself full.

#7 But Avoid These

True, eat whatever you like but try avoiding food items like, ice creams, rice, alcohol, or too much oil. Ice creams or other cold eatable stuff can cause your body to form more clots which will make even your sneezing difficult.

Try these and you will feel a difference real soon.
PS. Enjoy your periods.

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