Things Every Girl Wishes She Could Share With Her Mother

Every girl has a very special bond with her mother, from parenthood to a friend, every girl shares an unavowed relationship with her mother. With this, also comes the highs and lows of every relationship, and the one with your mother is no exception. Every girl can relate to this. We all have arguments with our mothers, from little to some brutal ones (even though we know that the guilt will kill us after this). And in between this love-hate relationship events, we feel unable to have certain honest conversations with our mothers. And the work has to be done from both sides, for the sake of both parties, I believe. *sarcastic laughter in the background*

Scroll down for a few things that every girl wishes she could share with her mother.

#2 Talk on sexual health

This is the most important conversation that every mother should have with her baby girl. And most of us girls are so reluctant to talk about any issues we face, that we end up looking at all the false information Google has to offer. For the reality check, you can't rely on google for any period related issues or even STDs. Your mum is the best person to help you out in these situations.

#3 About career and love goals

Indian mums should stop looking at her girl's wedding as the ultimate aim of her life, there is more to it she just needs your support. Every girl faces millions of issues balancing her personal life and her professional life and this is why we should be more honest about it to our moms. Being a career-driven successful woman is real goals, but to be taken seriously, every girl needs to have words for her feelings and thoughts .

#4 Your thoughts about marriage and kids

So let us face it, you ought to love the idea of marriage and having kids if you are a girl from India. Obviously, not everyone gets excited by the idea of this whole thing, but who cares? the society? definitely not. Your mother? most certainly, she does. Even if you are thrilled, the anxiety of this big life change literally kills you. Start putting all your thoughts, fears, excitement into words for your mother because if she does not listen or is not sharing the moment with you, then who will?

#5 Her failures

It is the ultimate truth of the world, that success and failure come to all, and no one is an exception. Let's face this truth, and stop giving our younger ones any false hopes or even underestimating them and let them face the world on their own terms. Although it may not be easy to succeed in having a belief in yourself and your aspirations definitely help you reach high levels of success. An encouraging talk full of bits of advice from your mother can certainly do some magic and make it easier for you to cope with your failures.

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