Things Girls Enjoy More Than Having Guys Over When Home Alone

There is no doubt about the idea of home alone being a state in paradise and everyone wants to experience new things. Especially for men, being alone is like an opportunity not to be missed and so is for girls. It’s not like girls are not pleasure driven, in fact, girls are twice more than guys, its just the society that denies them the right of feelings and sexual pleasure, which makes them more conscious while taking any such step and much more afraid than men. But that doesn’t mean, our lives are any terrible, we enjoy basic things like spending times with our selves.

So, here are a couple of things girls enjoy more than being intimate.

#2 Bra Off Please!

Nothing beats the comfort of throwing the bra off and sitting with your assets free. I don’t understand the concept of caging one of our body parts into something so tight, itchy and irritating? Why can’t people just accept them as any ordinary body part? Though you can launch your free the nipples moment anytime, it’s more comfortable to do it when home alone.

#3 Strip Dancing

Strip dancing is a dream of every girl that deep down they enjoy doing, whether they accepted or not. There is some different feel to strip dance naked in front of the mirror, watching yourself twerk and appreciate the inner dirty dancer. It’s even more fun to do it alone and go wild than doing it in front of a guy and being conscious.

#4 Apna Haath Jagannaath

I know everyone knows, girls do masturbate and watch porn, there is nothing so extraordinary or unnatural about it. Yet, we don’t want to accept it, but do I care? No guy can satisfy me more than myself.

#5 Eating The House Down

There is an absolute truth in junk craving when you’re home alone. No matter how much you try, you end up eating all the cookies and ice creams or even the dry fruits hidden in the shelf. It can happen due to a number of reasons like binge-watching and binge eating or checking out an ex and eating the emotions.

#6 Own Designers

It’s the best time to try out the fanciest outfits you can imagine, things you will never get a chance to wear otherwise. From the sassiest to the most gypsy outfits, everything just becomes your style statement.

#7 But First Lemme Take A Selfie!

Once you’re home alone, the house becomes your studio and you’re the model to your own phone camera. You dress like a dive and take 100's of pictures with the perfect shot, and the butt out. You are free to dress as you like and let the model inside you go wild. Within an hour you have photos that you’d post on Insta and ones you’d send your best friend, looking absolutely stunning and sexy and not to forget retarded as well.

#8 Freak Queens

No matter how amazing it is to be home alone, but none can deny the fact how creepy our own home gets once we're alone, how still and quiet it gets. Even the movement of the curtain freaks them out sometimes. And if by chance you're or you already have watched a crime or a horror movie, then forget that your stay at home alone is going to be fun even a bit.

#9 Boob Measure

One of the most hilarious yet important things every girl on this planet does is cascading her breasts. I'm pretty sure none knows why they do it but sometimes it just feels so important, so right to just hold them, pat them, reminding them how damn beautiful they are.

#10 Ain’t No Crying In The Club

Their sure ain't no crying happening in the club as there are a lot of things to keep one distracted and entertained but once home alone, you can't push away the negative thoughts that crawl towards your head and punch you hard until you are overthinking, blaming yourself and crying the buckets off. Actually, it is the best time to exert your deep feelings if you're too scared of being judged (which you shouldn't be).

#11 I Wanna Sinnggg

I am not sure if its a very gender-centric thing, but girls definitely like to test their vocal chords. Even if they know that their voice is making even the neighbor's dog wanting to pierce through his ears, they will sing till the voice dies.

#12 I’m Alone And Horny!

No matter how long have they been alone at home or what they did, most of the girls end up calling up their love interests, right five minutes before they were sure their parents would be home, just so they can inform them how alone and horny they are, and if the guy would have been around them, they would have eaten him alive. The poor guy is left with nothing but fantasies and you know what. Don't ask me why we do this, you have absolutely no idea how much fun it is in teasing than having sex.

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