Things You Resent Hearing If You Have Just Had A Break Up.

Most of us have been in a relationship during some point of our life. But unfortunately, not every relationship is made to last for the rest of eternity. And with the end of a relationship comes the post break up phase. Relationships can have a draw on us long after they’re finished. It can be hard to acknowledge that something that was at one time a huge piece of your life is presently turning into a memory. Break ups are extremely difficult to get over. While some of us are able to move on quickly, some find it very difficult to cope up with and carry the emotional baggage for a long time. Your friends might want you to help in moving on from your former relationship but unintentionally end up in saying something which makes you feel worse. So here we are listing out a few things which you would not want to hear if you have just had a breakup.

#2 “We never liked the guy anyway”.

This remark from a friend instead of making us feel better will make us feel even worse. We end up mourning not only for the end of the relationship but also for the bad choice we made.

#3 “We always knew this was going to happen some or the other day”.

The person who has just been through a break up is bound to feel pissed on hearing this remark. We literally feel like saying, "So what had you been waiting for".

#4 “Nobody will love you until you love yourself”.

Yes, that's correct that nobody will love me until I love myself but this is not the right time to hear all these. Is the person trying to imply that nobody loves me right now?

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