Things We Must Stop Doing As Girls Right Now

Now that feminism has gained momentum in India, girls are becoming aware of the fact that their lives aren’t just limited to the four walls of their houses. We are learning that we can be and do whatever we want and that our gender has no say in it. And that, is a big change. To erase all the hate and misleading beliefs takes some time. So it’s natural we do some things wrong. Here is a look at some such things.

#2 Radical Feminism

Feminism is the equality of genders. Radical feminism is misandry. If you are going to call out someone for being a misogynist, first make sure you aren't being a misandrist. Don't get so engrossed in proving that women can do everything a man can that you start harassing men.

#3 Bitching About Other Girls

Many of us are guilty of this. We bitch about another girl's appearance, way of dressing up, call someone a slut because she has had relationships. When we ourselves can't refrain from passing nasty comments about girls, how can we expect anyone else to stop. Support other girls and stop being mean to them for no reason.

#4 Torturing Yourself For A Perfect Body

Learn to embrace who you are. People will tell you that you need to lose a few pounds or have a few tones lighter skin to look better. Stop letting these people get in your head. You are perfect as you are. Spend your time improving yourself as a person on whole.

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