Throw Your Hands Up If Your Supermom Is Your Best Friend.

At some point, every person must’ve realized that the woman right there isn’t just my mom, she is my best friend.  You are damn lucky if you can call your mother your bestie.We watch these movies, where the relationship between mothers and their child are as strong as Hulk! Even movies like Brave teach us a thing or two. For instance, mom might not always be right but sticking together as a team is what counts in the end. Movies portray what the eye refuses to see right before it. WE fail to appreciate our mothers every single day. Why day? They should be appreciated every minute. Whether your mom is a work-a-holic or a home-maker. She is still your mom and that’s the only reason you need to love her (if you think you need a reason).

I present to you reasons why you should thank your stars if your mother is your best friend :

#1 Love, love, love

Your mom will shower you with love even after you throw your 100th tantrum. She won't be the typical girls you hang out with and push you away from her when she can't take your drama anymore. She will love you unconditionally.
She will spoil you at times and correct you double that number. She will make your favorite dish after a hard day, she will snuggle up next to you in bed to let you know she's right there.

#2 Shopping advice

People have this stereotypical thinking that parents have a dead sense of fashion. Not necessary. Sometimes your mom might just know better than your friends and you. She knows what will make you look like a princess and what will make you look like a struggling escort.

#3 Available 24X7

You don’t have to think twice before giving her call or walking in her room. She will be your counselor without charge. You could sit right next to the kitchen door and talk about trees and the lawn or how much you hate your grandmother.

#4 First and best teacher

She will teach you things. You will advise you. If you need relationship advice, she will give you tips and suggestions that no website can. Yes, it might be tough to convince her you are in love. But she might just surprise you with her ‘gyaan’.

#5 Personal photographer

She will capture your candid moments. Even the ones where your face looks like a potato. And if you tell her that, she’ll just say “you look like a sweet potato” or “a French fry”. All you have to do is hand her your camera and bham!

#6 You can be psychotic together

Your mom and you can go from angels to serial killers. You are team members when it comes to making crazy plans. She is the one with whom gossip is like sharing information. You are crazy when left together. Your mom is seventeen again and you are nine!

#7 She is your superhero

She will crush anyone who crushes your heart. She will fight for you and stand by you at all times. Especially at times when even your so called ‘ best friends’ leave you in the dark.

#8 She supports you but . . .

She’s the one who will be honest with you. She might hurt you but only so that you grow stronger. If you think your decision needs a second guess, ask your mom. Mom is always right.

#9 Always and forever her little princess.

No matter how old you grow, you will always be the most precious person to her. She will go lengths to please you and keep that smile on your face. If you think friends die for you, your mother will sell her soul to the devil without a second thought.

#10 She’s cool

You might find it hard to laugh at your mom’s jokes, but she’s your mom and she is just too cute to ignore. You might want her to restrict the jokes to the main door of your house but sometimes it’s fun to see expressions of random people when they hear her laugh at her own puns.

Plus, she gives you stand up comedy for free ! YOu know your mom rocks when she can pull off a knock knock joke better than the class comedian.

#11 You can be you

With her you don’t need to try. You can be yourself. You can share your secrets and know that she will keep them. She will guide you. She will eat ice cream and watch a movie when you can’t sleep. She will wake you early for class. She will give you that hug you need after a tough day. She will bust the weirdest moves of the 90’s with you.

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