To The Girl Who Feels Everything

To the girls who have heart like sponges. The ones who feel torandoes and spells of  drought for feelings. But, to the onlookers, the one who always radiates sunshine with a smile prettier than peonies. He who loves you is gifted, for he could see the light through the cracks and for the boy you loved, he must be a true masterpiece for an artist like you chose him to be your muse.


To the girl whose soul has been kissed by the phoenix and whose laughter sounds like waves lapping the shore. Only a chivalrous few who have dared to leave the shore far behind can describe the abyss that awaits...


The abyss filled with the calmness of the upcoming chaos, the good that has outgrown through all the bad and the gleam of ethereal light beneath all the darkness.


So darling, feel what you feel and how you feel. If you soak people's feeling like sponges, don't be sad that you do. Be happy you can feel what your loved one's feel. You are one of the last survivors of the ages. The ones who are still humane. It is always a gift to feel too much. So, chin up and soak the the vibrations and remember, you're the lucky few who do not have to put up a facade to make others believe that you belong to this race.

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