Which Bollywood Character Style Twin Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Our zodiac signs reveal a lot about us, believe it or don’t, totally up to you. But when it comes to fashion, seems like we all have a good grip on it, just a little updating is required sometimes.Our Bollywood divas have always made us crave for their stylish representations in their movies with those super sexy dresses and fashion sense. Here is a list that will help you know which character’s style is exactly like you, depending on your zodiac sign.

#2 Aquarius

Sonam Kapoor has rocked every movie she has been in with her clothing but one of her most favorite characters will always remain to be Dr. Milie from the movie Khoobsoorat. An Aquarius is best known for her quirky sense of fashion. They are very creative, unusual but unique,and are always jazzed up in bold colors and prints, yet somehow their taste in fashion leaves other women's jaws on the ground. So you know who your style twin is.

#3 Cancer

Preity Zinta's character of Rhea is the most vivid replica of a cancer sign lady. She dresses up in the most classy way possible, but could be over the top at times, yet manages to look elegant in all the shines and shimmers.

#4 Scorpio

Scorpios, no matter how much you try to deny this, but it's a known fact that you have more of sweetness and easy to go taste when it comes to dressing up. You like your clothes to be trustworthy, something that doesn't bring you in the eyes of a critic yet manages to look super cute. But another thing that is with this sign is that they can turn super hot if the occasion demands them to forcing every head to turn on their every step. Naina from Ye Jawani Hai Diwaani is the perfect character that suits your dress sense.

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