Women Who Gave Life To These 5 Famous Disney Princesses

We have all grown up watching Disney princesses on our television. They are not only known for their fairy-tale endings, but for their warm, melodic voices that capture girls’ hearts everywhere. These animated characters were given life on screen by some incredible women we don’t even know about.

Here are real faces behind 5 of your favorite Disney princess

#2 Cinderella-Ilene Woods

Cinderella, the princess who was kept in a wretched condition by her step-mother and sisters. Her presence at the ball room in her pretty shoes, of which one was lost got her a prince
Jacqueline Ruth "Ilene" Woods, was the original voice behind beautiful Cinderella, for which she was named as Disney Legend She was an American actress and singer. Woods started acting at the age of 2 and by 15 years of age, she was hired by Paul Whiteman to sing for his show " The Philco Hall of Fame".

#3 Snow White -Adriana Caselotti

A young beautiful girl, who lived in the woods with her seven dwarf friends. One day, she gets cursed to sleep for her entire life, by her step mother who was jealous of her charming beauty. After years her prince arrives, and breaks her life-long curse by kissing her.
Adriana Caselotti, an American actress, singer lend her voice to the beautiful snow white. From a chorus girl to a lead voice for Walt Disney's heroine Snow White, her journey went through many ups and down

#4 Ariel-Jodi Benson

Ariel has a distinctive appearance, with her long, flowing, bright red hair, blue eyes, green mermaid tail and purple seashell bikini top. She is full of life and a princess too, later she marries Prince Eric.
Ariel was voiced by Jodi Benson, who is an American voice actress and a soprano singer. She portrayed Ariel remarkably on screen. later Benson voiced for character Barbie, Toy Story 2, and even won the Academy Award for Toy Story 3.

#5 Belle- Paige O’Hara

Belle is the fictional character in Walt Disney's animated feature film ' Beauty and the Beast'. Belle was a village girl, talked to dishes and tamed beast .
Donna Paige Helmintoller, better known as Paige O'Hara gave life to Belle on screen. She is a self defined Disney fanatic. O'hara auditioned for 'Beauty and the Beast' at he age of 30. She was honored with a Disney Legend Award on August 19, 2011

#6 Jasmine- Linda Larkin & Lea Salonga

Princess Jasmine is a fictional character who appeared in Walt Disney Pictures' animated film Aladdin (1992). She is strong headed, graceful, carpet princess.
Linda Larkin and Lea Salonga voiced for Princess Jasmine, it was for the first time that two women have lend their voice for a particular character.
Jasmine's speaking voice is provided by American actress Linda Larkin, while Jasmine's singing voice is provided by Filipina singer and actress Lea Salonga

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