You’ve Been Mispronouncing These Words Your Whole Life

English is a very tricky language. Especially for us Indians, we tend to assume the pronunciation of a specific word but are stubborn enough to stick with it. There are so many ways to spell a word because you never know which part of the word is to be emphasised more. And even worse is the presence of those silent letters and numerous syllables. Everything you assume sounds right until the moment you are laughed upon by the ” typical English nazis”, that’s what most of us would prefer to call them (we have our reasons).

Here are a few words with their correct pronunciations. All the best.

#2 Cache

Almost all of us are familiar with this word, and also with the fact that we don't know how to pronounce it.
Cache basically means a collection of the same type of data that is hidden or stored in an inaccessible place.
The right way to pronounce it: Cash

#3 Espresso

Who doesn't like a cup of espresso to kick-start their mornings?
An espresso is a strong coffee which is made by passing steam through ground beans.
The right way to pronounce it: Es- press- so

#4 Prescription

It is an instruction written by a medical practitioner that authorizes the patient to be provided with a particular medicine.
This word is not a new one to us, this is something we have to deal with every time someone falls ill ( even you). But not many know about its actual pronunciation.
The wrong pronunciation: Pur- scrip-shun
The right pronunciation: Pre-scrip-shun

#5 Niche

A niche means a specialised but profitable corner of the market.
The right way to pronounce it: Neesh

#6 Antarctica

Antarctica is the south polar region of the earth.
The right pronunciation: Ant-arctic

#7 Caramel

This sweet goodness is loved by almost all of us.
Caramel is basically a brown thick syrup made of browning of sugar mixed with milk and butter.
The right pronunciation: kar-ah-mehl

#8 Engineer

Probably every family in India has an "in-jee-near", but I'm afraid that we've been pronouncing wrong all this while.
The right pronunciation: en-gi-neer

#9 Dessert

A dessert is a literal delight to our taste buds. But is often mispronounced as "des-ert", which means a barren land.
The right pronunciation: Dizz-urt

#10 Pizza

Pizza is "food for the soul". But we often mispronounce it as Pi-za. Yep, that is not the correct pronunciation. We've been saying it wrong all along.
The right pronunciation: Peet-zuh

#11 Sour

Sour means having an acidic taste.
The wrong pronunciation: Saar
The right pronunciation: Sower (like power)

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